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Maharashtra Water Supply and Sewerage Board (MWSSB) was established as per MWSSB Act 1976 for Rapid development and proper regularization of water supply and sewerage services in the State. MWSSB was subsequently named as Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) in 1997.
Hon’ble Member Secretary of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) is appointed by the State Government and Shri Abhishek Krishna is the Member Secretary of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP).

Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) is working under the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation, Government of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) has 196 offices across the state with 6 Regional Offices located at Pune, Konkan, Aurangabad, Amravati, Nagpur, Nashik.

Following offices are working under these 6 regional offices.

  • 14 circle offices headed by Superintending Engineers.
  • 37 Divisional offices headed by Executive Engineers.
  • 143 Sub Division Offices headed by Deputy Engineers
  • MJP training centre Maharashtra Environmental Engineering Training and Research Academy (MEETRA) is located at Nashik headed by Director .

Following works are carried out by regional office:

  • Preparing and Publishing DSR,
  • Implementing the water supply schemes and handing the same to the local body;
  • Approving technical proposals received from the local bodies,
  • Preparing proposals related to the scheme such as extension of time, technical changes, additional matters and getting them approved, etc.

Main responsibilities of MJP are as under:

  • Planning, designing and implementation of water supply and sewerage schemes with the facility of necessary financial provisions.
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply and sewerage schemes as directed by the Government of Maharashtra.
  • Establishing service level benchmark for water supply and sewerage sector.
  • Assisting the Government as well as local bodies in the management of solid and liquid waste.
  • Providing guidance to the Government as well as the local bodies regarding water supply and sewerage schemes.
  • Supporting the Government in preparation of Annual Action Plan and establishment / revision of water supply rate / tax / cess structure.

Member Secretary is the head of the Technical Department of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. Superintendenting Engineer (Head Quarter), Superintendenting Engineer (Central Planning, Design and Monitoring), Superintendenting Engineer (Mechanical), Superintendenting  Engineer (Quality Control) and Director (MEETRA) are working under Central Office of the Technical Department.

Superintendenting Engineer (HQ)-

Heading Technical Section of MJP. Under SEHQ there is 4 Technical Branch and team of  Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Deputy Engineer IT Cell and Assistant Engineer-2/ Sectional Engineer SEHQ is performing their duties with the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Technical Branch -1 handles all cases pertaining to Amravati and Aurangabad Regional Offices. The matters related to this regional offices such as circulars and policy matters, Jal Jeevan Mission EPC tender proposals, MEETRA correspondence, Project Management Consultancy Services (PMC) etc are looked after this section.
  • Technical Branch -2 handles all cases pertaining to Nashik regional offices The matter related to  water shortage, Jal Jeevan Mission Programme, Technical Sub Committee proceedings, Mechanical rate list, Jal Jeevan Mission General, etc. are looked after this section
  • Technical Branch -3 handles all cases pertaining to Pune and Thane regional offices. The matter related to Legislature work, NABARD financial aided scheme, Civil DSR rate list, etc. are looked after this section
  • Technical Branch -4 handles all cases pertaining to Nagpur regional office. The matter related to tender committee, solid waste management, DSR and general correspondence, technical General Board Meeting and relevant correspondence, etc. are looked after this section
  • Executive Engineer (HQ) looks after the supply of DI, HDPE, PVC pipes etc ,supply required for various schemes, Rate contract ,agreement, pipes , registration of contractors , registration of vendors, etc. General correspondence related to supply of pipes
  • Deputy Engineer (IT Cell) looks after the development and implementation of digital platform, strengthening administrative process by implementing information, communication and technology (ICT), procurement and maintenance of computers, printers, scanner etc., procurement of cloud services for hosting software application and developing software’s related to Project/ Scheme Monitoring System, Water Management System, Tally Software Solution for Account and Finance, Redesign and development of website, Tapal Management, Online Registration of contractor and vendor etc.

Superintendenting Engineer CPDM looks after the below responsibilities:

  • To Scrutinize and submit tender proposals received for the schemes under Jal Jeevan Mission programme as well as other programmes.
  • To submit tender proposals to the Tender Committee for decision under the jurisdiction of the Tender Committee.
  • Scrutiny and submission of Extra Item Rate List (EIRL) from the office of the Chief Engineer, proposals of excess dimensions (clause-38), work proposals, etc.
  • Preparation and submission of circulars on policy matters.
  • Submitting comments as required for guidance on the proposals received from concerned departments regarding accounting, legal, establishment related matters.
  • Submission of tender proposals under Amrut Programme to the state level Technical Committee for decision for technical change proposal, etc.
  • Submitting answers to the questions on policy matters related to the functioning of Legislative Assembly / Legislative Council.
  • Review of physical and financial progress of water supply / sewerage schemes under various programmes.
  • Technical scrutiny of rural schemes costing more than Rs. 50 crores and urban schemes costing more than Rs. 100 crores.
  • Submission of information for various Government level meetings.
  • To take action on complaints received from Government / people representatives regarding various schemes.

Superintendenting Engineer (Quality Control) looks after the works such as regular phase-wise quality technical inspection of all rural and urban scheme works implemented by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, inspecting the action taken in response to the directions given by Hon’ble Principal Secretary, Ministers, Member Secretary, MJP and submitting their inspection report

Superintendenting Engineer (Mechanical) looks after works such as registration of vendors supplying mechanical items like pumps, valves, etc. required for all schemes implemented through Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, scrutinizing and approving all proposals from all offices, updating mechanical rate lists, etc.

Superintendenting Engineer and Director (MEETRA) looks after works such as planning and implementation of training programmes necessary for MJP officers / employees at the Training Centre of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran situated at Nashik