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S.No. Type Circular Name Download
1 Technical Check list regarding starting of Stage 1& Stage 2
2 Technical E-Tender Digital Signature Key circular NO-166
3 Technical Circular No-168-Regarding Rural WS Schemes
4 Technical Corrigendum of circular No 167 Dt.14/9/15,Regarding
5 Technical Regarding given on rental basis MJP's onwership
6 Technical Corrigendum no-2 of circular No 153
7 Technical Revise circular regarding fixing of MJP's QA units
8 Technical Corrigendum of circular No 153 Dt.14/9/15,Regarding
9 Technical Regarding Updation of information on MJP New Website
10 Technical Regarding inspection of water supply schemes without prior permission by quality control unit
11 Technical Guidelines regarding release of funds for implemementation
12 Technical Regarding registration of contractors - Circular No. 172
13 Technical Guidelines for approval of vendors in MJP - Circular No. 173
14 Technical Tender Committee Procedure (Circular No 153 Corrigendum)
15 Technical NRDWP Schemes Implementation (Circular No. 161)
16 Technical Circular regarding not Implementing PMC Works without receipt of PMC Charges (Circular No. 162)
17 Technical Procedure for withdrawing works Tender Clause-3 (Circular 163)
18 Technical Technical Sanction to Urban and Rural WSS (Circular No. 164)
19 Technical Procedure to be adopted while preparing DPR for scheme costing more than Rs. 50/- Crores. (Circular 165)
20 Technical Publishing advertisement in News paper - Etendering (Circular No. 166)
21 Technical Procedure for high tender rate tenders of Rural WSS (Circular No. 167)
22 Technical Submission of Justification by contractor for high & Low rates regarding Tender (Circular No. 168)
23 Technical Updating information on MJP new website (Circular No. 169)
24 Technical Registration and renewal of Contractors (Circular No. 170)
25 Technical Precaution to be taken while using chlorination in Water works (Circular No 171)
26 Technical MJP Contractor Registration and Renewal (Circular No 172)
27 Technical Guidelines for Vendor Enlistment- Renewal Application format etc (Circular No 173)
28 Technical Circular No. 154 Regarding Submission of MPR of various Rural and Urban schemes
29 Technical Circular No. 155: Non receipt of Compiled Information for Meetings at Mantralaya and Head Office level from Field offices
30 Technical Circular No. 156: Revision of rates of Blank tender paper set
31 Technical Circular No. 157: According Technical sanction to the Development works of Municipal council
32 Technical Circular No. 158: Precautions to be taken while submission of Information for meetings Mantralaya Level
33 Technical Circular No. 159: Guidelines for registration/ renewal of approved Supplier for MJP, Required information, Application format etc
34 Technical Circular No. 160: Regarding Closing of Accounts for Physically completed schemes
35 Technical Circular No. 174: Regarding Sanction to the Mechanical works included in Water Supply and Sewerage schemes
36 Technical Circular No. 175: Procedure to be adopted for Sanction of Extra item and Excess quantity proposals
37 Technical Circular No. 176: Procedure to be adopted for Sanction of Extra item and Clause 38 - Excess quantity proposals
38 Technical Circular No. 177 Regarding C.I./D.I. Pipe Demand for Urban and Rural Water Supply Schemes
39 Technical Circular No. 178 : Updating List of Licensed Plumbers Marashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran
40 Technical Circular No. 179: Revision in Rules of Contactors Registration
41 Technical Circular No:180- Preparation of Annual Action Plan for Schemes maintained by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran
42 Technical Circular No- 181: Prequalification Criateria for various works in the tenders of Urban and Rural Water Supply Schemes.
43 Technical Guidelines for Writing, reviewing and preserving record of Confidential Report of Contractors. (Circular No. 182)
44 Technical Corrigendum to Circular No 181. (Prequalification Criateria for various works in the tenders of Urban and Rural Water Supply Schemes.)
45 Technical MJP Circular No 215 ( e-Tender Procedure )
46 Vendors Vendor Registration and Renewal
47 General MJP's New Email List
48 General Legal provision for restriction of water theft
49 Establishment Regarding working of waterworks during mass casual leave dt. 04.12.2015
50 Establishment Regarding mass casual leave dt. 04.12.2015
51 Establishment Regarding Biometric Attendance System Installation in offices
52 Establishment Corrigendum - Regarding provides MJP's properties on rental basis
53 Establishment Corrigendum - Regarding advertisements in newspapers for e-tendering works
54 Establishment Pension Circular No.4 dt. 13.1.2016 Thane Circle
55 Establishment Submission of Attestation Proforma
56 Establishment Divisional accountant exam 2017
57 Establishment AE-II Probation
58 Establishment MJP Circular 14 Dt 15.06.2019
59 Finance Uploading progress of ORS Statement on MJP Website
60 Finance NRDWP fund release for Jan-Feb 2018
61 Urban Nhavasheva Stage-1, revised water rates from1.7.2015
62 Contractors Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran Approved Vendor List Dec 2021
63 Contractors Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran Letter